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Buy-to-let mortgages

We offer a range of specialist buy-to-let mortgages for both portfolio and non-portfolio landlords, which are competitive with simple lending criteria.

Existing customers

Want to switch to a new product?

If your current mortgage product has come to an end and you would like to switch to a new product, simply Log in to your account and follow the on-screen instructions.

The products available to you will be dependent on your property type and whether you are classified as a non-portfolio or portfolio landlord under both Paragon criteria and the new PRA regulation guidelines.

The full range of products available can be found in our Non-portfolio product switch rate guide and our Portfolio product switch rate guide. If you’re not sure what type of landlord you are, we’ve compiled this simple guide to help you find out.

Looking to apply for a further advance?

Existing customers can apply for additional borrowing through a further advance by way of a second charge mortgage. This is a secondary loan which is secured against the property of your main (or first charge) buy-to-let mortgage.

For a single property application on accounts with up to two applicants, you can apply for a further advance online. Simply Log in to get started.

If you wish to make a further advance application for multiple properties, or with more than two applicants, then you will need to fill out a further advance application form and send it to us.

Apply for both a product switch and further advance

We also offer our existing customers the chance to apply for a product switch and further advance on a single account at the same time. Simply Log in to start the process.

Please note that when making a combined application, it is important that the product switch and further advance applications are made as a single transaction. This is so that we can make sure the correct affordability assessment is carried out.

Manage your account or view your annual statements

As a Paragon buy-to-let customer, you can access your annual statements or make the following changes to your account online.

  • Review your account information
  • Set up a third-party authority
  • Amend your direct debit details
  • Switch your mortgage repayment type

  • Paragon Standard5.60%
    Variable Rate (*SVR)
  • Bank Base Rate0.75%
  • Paragon **LIBOR0.80%
  • Next LIBOR reset date01.04.20
  • Paragon reference rate5.50%​

Landlord news

The very latest news, views and industry insights from the Paragon press team.

Financial help

If you require independent financial advice for your mortgage or loan, we recommend a number of free independent advice organisations.

Fraud prevention

In the past 10 years the Land Registry has paid out £58 million in indemnity claims as a result of fraud. Recent case law will help to protect homeowners from property hijack, the fraud involving the transfer of a property title to another without the true owner’s knowledge.

However, there are steps you can take as a landlord to protect your property. The Land Registry offers a free alert service to notify you if anyone attempts to make changes to the registration of your property. You should also make sure your correspondence address is included on the proprietor register so that any paperwork in relation to your property is sent to you and not the tenant.

Full details of both services can be found at the UK Government website here.

Landlord insurance

AXA Insurance have updated their policy wording for Paragon customers who are under the AXA Block Insurance policy 2017. Your policy schedule will identify if you have an AXA block policy.

If you have insurance with another provider, this updated policy wording does not apply. Please contact your insurer directly for details of your cover.

Consumer buy-to-let

Find out more about consumer buy-to-let, which is accepted on our non-portfolio product range.


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From 9 October 2017, Paragon Bank Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and Paragon Group SVR aligned to a single rate, Paragon SVR. There was no change in interest rate as a result of this name change.


From 9 October 2017, Paragon Bank LIBOR and Paragon Group LIBOR aligned to a single rate, Paragon LIBOR. There was no change in interest rate as a result of this name change.

If you took out a mortgage with Paragon before 1 April 2005, you may be on a different LIBOR rate, which will be shown in your original terms and conditions. You can also check which LIBOR rate you’re on by calling us on 0345 849 4060

Paragon Bank PLC is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority. Registered in England number 05390593. Registered office 51 Homer Road, Solihull, West Midlands B91 3QJ. Paragon Bank PLC is registered on the Financial Services Register under the firm reference number 604551