Flexible ISAs and ISA Wallet

Our fixed rate, easy access and notice cash ISAs are flexible ISAs and part of our ISA Wallet.

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ISA Wallet

What is an ISA Wallet?

Our ISA Wallet lets you open more than one cash ISA, in the same tax year. Not all ISA providers have this feature, but with us you can spread your annual ISA allowance across our range of ISAs.

Flexible ISA

What is a Flexible ISA?

Our cash ISAs are also flexible, which means any withdrawals you make are added back to your ISA allowance. Flexible ISAs are designed to help you make the most of your tax-free annual ISA allowance. Not all ISAs are flexible, so before moving your ISA money make sure you double check.

Spreading your ISA allowance

Our ISA Wallet and Flexible ISAs work together to give you even more freedom with your annual ISA allowance.

If you withdraw from our Flexible ISAs, our ISA Wallet allows you to reinvest that money into another ISA.

Which means you’re not losing out on your tax-free ISA allowance.

Cash ISAs explained
Withdraw money

With easy access ISAs and notice ISAs

You can now withdraw (subject to product terms and conditions) and replace your ISA funds in the same cash ISA or reinvest into a different cash ISA in the same tax year.

Fixed rate ISAs

With fixed rate ISAs

You can now withdraw (subject to product terms and conditions) and reinvest your ISA funds in a different cash ISA with us in the same tax year.

Spreading your ISA allowance

The ISA Wallet gives you more freedom with your annual ISA allowance. Instead of having to choose one cash ISA per tax year, with our ISA Wallet, you have the freedom to invest your cash as you wish.

You can invest in our easy access, notice and fixed rate cash ISAs, all in the same tax year.

For instance you can keep access to some of your ISA funds, and lock away a share for a better return.

Managing your Cash ISA

How do Flexible ISAs work?

With our Flexible ISAs you can withdraw funds from your cash ISAs and then later deposit funds, in the same tax year, without using your annual ISA allowance.

You have the flexibility to make the most of your tax-free ISA allowance whilst still having access to your savings.

Lifetime ISAs aren’t Flexible ISAs. So, any funds you withdraw are potentially subject to the government withdrawal charge and can’t be replaced without using your remaining LISA allowance.

Your ISA allowance each tax year is £20,000

Piggybank icon

You deposit £10,000 into your Paragon Cash ISA

Safe icon

Your remaining, unused ISA allowance is £10,000

The balance in your ISA is £10,000

Coin icon

You withdraw £5,000 from your ISA

Safe icon

Your remaining unused ISA allowance is now £15,000

The balance in your ISA is £5,000

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