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If you're looking to make the most of your ISA allowance with a better return on your savings, you could receive a higher interest rate by transferring your ISA to us.

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What is an ISA transfer?

How do you transfer an ISA?

Why transfer your ISA to us?

ISA transfers FAQs

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What is an ISA transfer?

An ISA transfer is the process of moving your ISA savings from one provider to another. You might want to do this to benefit from a better interest rate or simply to bring all of your accounts under one roof.

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How do you transfer an ISA?

To protect the tax-free status of your ISA savings, you must not withdraw the money from your existing ISA yourself. Instead, you should request the transfer with your new provider and they will arrange for your savings to be moved into a new ISA.

Transfer an ISA to Paragon in 3 simple steps:


Open your Paragon ISA.


Tell us during your application you want to transfer your existing ISA savings and we’ll take care of the rest. Or you can arrange an ISA transfer after your Paragon ISA is open.


If your existing provider allows electronic ISA transfers, we’ll get in touch with them and request a transfer. If not, you will need to complete and send us a Cash ISA transfer form or a Stocks and Shares ISA transfer form. When we receive your completed form, we’ll get in touch with your current provider and arrange for your ISA savings to be transferred to your Paragon ISA.

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Why transfer your ISA to us?


Our customers rate us

From our interest rates to our easy online application, it's no surprise an increasing number of people are choosing Paragon.


FSCS protected

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is funded by the financial services industry and it protects your eligible savings with Paragon up to £85,000 per person.


Award-winning savings

Our service and our accounts have won many industry and consumer awards over the years.

ISA transfers FAQs

Why is it important to transfer between providers?

Arranging your ISA transfer with your providers before closing your existing account protects the tax-free status of your ISA savings. This means that you continue to earn tax-free interest on your savings held in your ISAs.

The annual ISA allowance means you can build a tax-free nest egg over a number of years, so it’s important to protect that tax-free status.

What are my options when I transfer my existing ISAs?

You can choose to transfer your savings instantly, when your current ISA matures if it’s a fixed rate or after giving the required notice on notice ISAs.

Be careful if you’re transferring a fixed rate or notice ISAs, transferring before your maturity date or without giving the required notice could mean you have to pay a penalty for moving your savings early. It’s worth checking your ISA terms and conditions or contacting your provider to clarify.

Can I transfer my ISA savings from previous tax years?

Yes. You can transfer your ISA savings from previous tax years without it affecting your ISA allowance for the current tax year. With ISAs from previous tax years, you have the option to transfer all or part of your ISA savings.

Can I transfer my ISA savings from the current tax year?

Yes, if you’ve already paid into an ISA this tax year you can still transfer your savings to another provider. But, you can’t move part of your current tax year’s ISA savings, you must transfer all of it. ​

You can move your previous tax years ISA savings however you like.

What can I do with my ISA savings with Paragon?

You can spread your ISA savings across our entire range of Cash ISAs because of our ISA wallet feature. This means you can make withdrawals and reinvest your ISA savings in the same tax year with us, without using your annual ISA allowance. For example, you could withdraw from your Easy Access, Notice or Defined Access Cash ISAs and reinvest those savings in any of our Cash ISAs and your annual ISA allowance would be unaffected.

How long do ISA transfers take?

The time it takes to complete your ISA transfer depends on a few factors. Generally, it should take no longer than 15 working days to transfer a cash ISA to another cash ISA and up to 30 working days to transfer a stocks and shares ISA.

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