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25% government bonus on the money you invest

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New LISAs available from 18-39 years old. Transfer your existing LISA anytime.

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Open and manage your Lifetime ISA online

Lifetime ISA explained

Save with a 25% government bonus for your money to buy your first home or help towards your retirement

Apply for a Lifetime ISA

A guide to Lifetime ISAs
Lifetime ISA Account guide

Am I eligible for a Lifetime ISA?

Quickly check if you’re eligible for a Lifetime ISA by answering a few questions

First of all, are you aged between 18 and 39 and a UK resident?

Sorry, you can only open a new LISA as a UK resident and between the ages of 18 - 39. However, if you already have a LISA, you can always transfer it to Paragon

Transfer LISA

Over 39 and don’t have a LISA?

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Great! Next, how are you planning to use your Lifetime ISA?

A Lifetime ISA can only be used towards your first home or retirement. You can still reach your savings goals with our other accounts

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Have you ever owned a property in the UK or abroad?

Sorry you can't use a Lifetime ISA towards your first home. But, you can save in a LISA towards your retirement.​

Learn more about using your LISA towards your retirement.

Is your first home going to cost less than £450,000?

Great, you can open a LISA today

Learn more about using your LISA towards your new home.

Sorry you can't use a Lifetime ISA towards your first home costing more than £450,000 You can still save in a LISA towards your retirement

Learn more about using your LISA towards your retirement.

How a Lifetime ISA works

Our Lifetime ISA (LISA) is a cash ISA, ideal for savers planning to buy their first home or saving for retirement.

The 25% government withdrawal charge will apply if you withdraw your funds for any reason other​ than to purchase your first home or for your retirement, after the age of 60.

To purchase your first home, you must have made your opening deposit into a LISA at least 12 months before your withdrawal or the 25% government withdrawal charge will apply.

The LISA 25% government bonus

One of the things that makes a LISA different to other types of ISAs is that your deposits into a LISA are topped up by the government with a 25% bonus, on top of the interest you’ll earn from your LISA provider.

You can deposit a maximum of £4,000 a year in your LISA, and the government will top that up with a maximum of £1,000.

So, if you max out your LISA every year between 18 and 50 you could earn up to​ £32,000 in government bonus alone.

Find out more and apply for your Paragon Cash Lifetime ISA today

To apply for a Lifetime ISA you must be:

Ready to open a Lifetime ISA?

Transfer an existing LISA from the age of 18

Accessing your Lifetime ISA

In the first 12 months any withdrawals you make from your LISA are subject to a 25% government withdrawal charge. After the first 12 months you can use your LISA towards your first home or retirement penalty-free.

If you withdraw from your LISA for any other reason, the amount you take out is subject to the 25% government withdrawal charge.

This means you could end up with less then you originally deposited. Your LISA is also subject to a penalty if you transfer into a different type of ISA or other account.

A LISA is not a flexible ISA. So any funds you withdraw can’t be replaced in the same tax year without using your remaining annual LISA allowance.

When can you use your LISA without a penalty?

Any deposits you make into a LISA will count towards your LISA allowance and your annual ISA allowance. You can access your LISA funds without the government withdrawal charge applying:

  • If you’re buying your first home and your LISA has been open for at least 12 months
  • When you're 60 years old
  • If you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness

The 25% Government Bonus

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You save £800 which is topped up by the 25% government bonus

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The total in your LISA is now £1000

If you withdraw all of it, the government will charge you 25% of the whole withdrawal, leaving you £750. Which is less than you originally deposited.

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Things to know about a Lifetime ISA

  • You can have more than one LISA at a given time, but you can only open and fund one in a tax year.
  • You’re able to transfer your Lifetime ISAs between providers – be careful and do this through your provider to avoid losing your ISA status on your funds and incurring the 25% government withdrawal charge.
  • You must be a first time buyer to use a LISA to buy your first home. You can’t have owned a property, or a share in a property in the UK or aboard, have inherited a property, or be the beneficiary of a trust including property.

Find out more and apply for your Paragon Cash Lifetime ISA today

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Using your LISA to buy your first home

We've put together the things you need to know, if you're using your LISA toward buying your first home.

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Using your LISA for your retirement

Using your LISA towards retirement? Here's what you need to know.

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