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Preparing Your Farm Machinery for Winter

As the summer season comes to an end, it is important that steps are taken to keep machinery and equipment in good condition. Here are some basic tips to help:

1. Safely store spring or summer equipment

Combine harvesters may be good for harvesting fields but they are not so effective at ploughing snow. Machinery such as this should be cleaned after its last use and stowed away somewhere dry, such as a barn or under a covered area.

2. Keep ‘em running…

Tractors or machines that will be sitting unused for a long period of time need to be started up every few weeks, as this will warm the engine and prevent any elements from freezing over. It will also allow you to check for any damage that has occurred over time. For continued use during snowfall, tyre chains and wheel weights can be fitted.

Preparing Farm Machinery for Winter

3. Engine maintenance

Pay close attention to fuel, engine lubrication and air filtration. Cooling systems should also be checked regularly.

4. Keep building roofs clear

Ridges of ice can form along the edge of outbuilding roofs during the winter, preventing rainwater or thawing snow from draining off. This can result in leaks, that will damage machinery stored within, or in extreme circumstances can result in the collapse of roofs due to the weight. It is also important to remove any leaves and debris from gutters, as this can contribute to water not draining off.

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