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What savings tips can we learn from Christmas movies?


Whether it's a sentimental love story, a feel-good family adventure or a festive comedy caper, we all have our seasonal favourites when it comes to Christmas films. But did you know that hidden away amongst the important life lessons these movies often teach us there are some valuable savings lessons too?

Here are some of the savvy, savings tips we’ve spotted that you might not be aware of.

Home Alone

A true family favourite, the devilish duo Harry and Marv teach us the importance of making sure you’re financially prepared should you find yourself in a crisis.

Not only does it remind us of the value of home insurance, (some serious redecorating would have been needed after all of Kevin’s exploits to foil the burglars) the film also highlights the benefits of an emergency savings fund - something that would have come in handy to cover all of the McCallisters additional travel costs to get back home.

Despite forgetting their youngest when they go on holiday, something that the McCallisters actually do well is putting their Christmas lights on a timer. This will save your energy bills as they won’t be left running for the duration of your time away.

The Santa Clause

In this festive comedy, Tim Allen's character agrees to step in for Santa Claus one Christmas and unwittingly triggers a legal technicality, "the Santa Clause", which means he's obligated to take on the role permanently!

The lesson here is to ensure that you read the small print before committing to anything regarding your finances. For example, some savings accounts offer an introductory bonus rate which is often limited to an initial period. So, ensure you know what you are signing up for by reading the terms and conditions carefully of any savings account that you are planning on opening so that you aren’t left with any surprises.

Deck the Halls

If you’re familiar with this famous war between two dads, Steve and Buddy (played by Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito) you’ll know that no expense was spared in their battle to have the most extravagant Christmas decorations on the street.

There’s a lesson we can learn from this though - that you don’t always have to go “all out” during the festive season. Even an abundance of Christmas lights can be a costly investment and often less is more. Cutting back on the decorative expenses could make you a huge saving.


If there’s one thing that our loveable friend, Buddy has it’s persistence. In the quest to find his dad, Buddy the elf relentlessly hunts New York, spreading his love for Christmas along the way and having to get used to human culture (particularly revolving doors). 

When it comes to savings, persistence is also a key factor. It can be frustrating to feel as though you aren’t getting anywhere with putting money aside but every little really does help.

Savings accounts such as Fixed Rate and Notice Accounts provide some restriction to accessing your funds, meaning you are less likely to dip into them.

The Grinch

Mr Grinch and his loyal pooch, Max live a very solitary life on Mount Crumpit and are feared by the residents of Whoville below.

The extravagance and cheer of Christmas grates on the Grinch so he teams up with Max to ruin the festivities once and for all. However, the lesson is soon learnt that Christmas isn’t just about materialism and that it’s the kindness, love and togetherness that is what really makes it special, resulting in the Grinch finally finding his place in Whoville.

The simple lesson here is that Christmas does not have to be all about lavish gifts and you can save your finances by putting more focus on spending time with your loved ones and doing things you enjoy over the festive period.

The Holiday

This seasonal romantic comedy tells the story of two lovelorn women (played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) who decide to get away from it all by arranging a transatlantic house swap with each other for the festive period. If you’re keen on a Christmas getaway then why not follow their lead with a money-saving house swap? House swapping is the perfect way to fulfil this need, with no cost involved and many companies offer this, where you can exchange homes for a period of time with another party for free.

This is the perfect way to save as prices are often increased on breaks during the holiday season, so cutting the cost of accommodation can be hugely beneficial.


As the saying goes, “a pet is not just for Christmas…” so, if you’re thinking about gifting somebody a cute little animal this year then look no further than Steven Spielberg’s classic, Gremlins, to remind yourself of the costs (and responsibilities) that such a commitment brings.

Whilst it’s unlikely that your pet will spawn a gang of destructive little monsters that wreak havoc on your town, the film does highlight two important lessons:

First, make sure you follow the instructions!

Second, be prepared for the ongoing (and sometimes unexpected) expenses associated with being a pet owner. By doing your research and planning ahead you’ll be giving your pet the best care possible whilst helping to safeguard your savings.

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