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Safe online banking

Secure locks, regular checks and care over the information that we share with other people help us to protect our homes from unwelcome intruders. Staying safe online has many similarities!

  1. Username, password and memorable data

    Your username is uniquely generated for you and you shouldn’t share it with anyone else. Your password and memorable data are the keys to your account. You must always keep them secret, never write them down or give them to anyone else. Make sure you use passwords and memorable data that cannot easily be guessed and, if you’re using a shared computer and you’re prompted to save your log on details, always say no.

    If you suspect that someone knows your security details, you should change your password or memorable details immediately. If you believe someone has had access to your account, call us on 0800 052 2222. We will investigate and set up new security details for you.

  2. Anti-virus and firewall software

    Protect your computer from attack by employing up-to-date anti-virus and personal firewall software. You should also always keep your browser software up-to-date when using internet banking.

  3. Watch out for scam calls and emails

    Fraudsters may sometimes send you emails with links to spoof websites trying to trick you into giving your security information away. They may offer you large sums of money or try to convince you there’s a problem with your account. If this happens, never click on links or enter personal, financial or security details until you have checked the email and website address carefully and you know the site is using encryption.

    If you receive emails that are suspicious or you have any concerns, do not respond. Contact us by secure message, email [email protected] or phone 0800 052 2222 and we will investigate.

    You can also find helpful information on online scams and how to protect yourself against them by visiting the FCA website.

  4. Be cautious when using wifi hotspots

    When out and about, avoid providing personal details and logging into your bank account over a wifi hotspot as hotspots are not always secure. Log off when you’re finished.

    If you leave your screen inactive for more than ten minutes, you will be automatically logged out of your account. Whilst you should always log off whenever you leave your computer, the automatic time-out provides some additional protection.

  5. Here’s what we’ll never do

    Please remember that we’ll never contact you by email, post or phone asking for your security details. We will never ask you to link from an email to your account login page. To log into your account, it’s best to type Paragon Bank’s web address into your internet browser and then proceed through login.

    When you call us, we will run through our security checks as standard and when you visit our website you can be confident that we comply with the privacy standards followed by all major British financial institutions. This means it’s safe for you to click on the links within our site and log in to your account.

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