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6 ways to get your property winter ready


As we cling onto the memories of warmer days, it’s tough trying to get into the mindset of winter. However, before the clocks turn back and you’re left unprepared for the dark days ahead, take time out to review our landlord checklist to see what you can do to make sure your properties are winter ready. Hopefully, with just a little bit of work now, you’ll be able to avoid escalating issues, costly repairs and unsatisfied tenants.

1. Inspect drains, gutters and roofs

It’s essential to inspect and clear out drains and gutters on a regular basis as they can get clogged and blocked up during autumn with leaves, mud and sticks. It also pays to check the roof for loose or missing tiles. A regular inspection schedule will help you to spot issues early, minimising the risk of water damage from blockages or leaks.

2. Protect pipes

Remove any vegetation that you may spot around external pipes as this can cause damage. A great way to prevent damage on your pipes during winter is to protect them with a foam layer called ‘lagging’ to keep them from freezing or bursting from pressure.

3. Tune-up the central heating

The most common and bothersome issue that could occur in the winter is the boiler breaking down. To prevent this happening, make sure to hire a Gas Safe registered engineer who can provide you with a report to flag issues early and take care of them. Don’t forget to give your tenants a copy of the annual gas safety report. Not only is this a legal requirement, but it will also provide tenants with some welcome peace of mind.

4. Minimise heat loss

Ensure your properties are well insulated. Insulation provides a barrier around the building to help keep the heat inside the house in the winter. This will also help tenants to save on their heating bills.

5. Check ventilation

An issue we often overlook and underestimate is condensation! A build-up of condensation could cause the ceiling and walls to become damp, an unsightly problem with potential health risks. To help prevent damp, make sure properties are fitted with extractor fans, especially in places like the kitchen and bathroom. It also pays to leave instructions for tenants on how best to ventilate the property.

Check all alarms

Finally, in the winter tenants will increase their use of heating appliances and fireplaces. Make sure there is a working smoke alarm installed on every storey of living accommodation. In addition, if your property has any rooms that contain a solid fuel appliance, check carbon monoxide alarms are installed in those rooms.

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