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Integrated Systems Europe 2020


With Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2020 underway, we caught up with Jon Openshaw, Paragon’s Business Development Manager in Technology Finance, to get the low-down on the team’s attendance…

Explain in a few sentences what ISE is all about?

ISE is first and foremost about the technology.  It allows our team to see, touch and hear about the future applications of LED technology, as well as other aspects, including sound systems, LED Lights and broadcast products aligned to the LED world.  The products are converging and it’s vital that we remain up to speed!

Paragon has continually been able to increase its knowledge and understanding of the technology it has funded for over 30 years, but still it changes and adapts for the business and consumer demands. ISE allows us to stay informed about all the latest changes and innovations.

Why do Paragon attend ISE?

Increasing Paragon’s experience and knowledge is critical for Paragon as an asset finance company.   We must remain aware of the technology today whilst appreciating and understanding what’s coming up in the future 

What is the team most excited about seeing/doing at ISE?

We are excited about increasing our awareness of the products - both what they’re doing today and how they will help our customers in the future.  In addition, it gives the Paragon Technology team the opportunity to meet the suppliers, manufacturers, Brokers and Customers ‘face to face’ – a difficult activity to satisfy in this ever-increasingly busy e-commercial world of Asset Finance! 

In the world of technology, are there any exciting innovations coming down the line?

We don’t know...that’s why we’re going!

With the convergence of live events and live broadcast productions, the customers are demanding more and more to be entertained! It is undoubted that they’re prepared to pay more, but they want ‘value for money’.  The entertainment industry continues to adapt the technology and products as they appreciate what is required to keep the customer satisfied, but always wanting more and more! 

Moreover, as subscription services are becoming more and more prevalent, seen through Netflix for example, the consumer is getting used to monthly payments. Systems integrators are now beginning to reflect this through IT systems, as whole technology packages can be purchased and managed for a monthly cost. As products are becoming a commodity, these systems integrators are providing added value to become more and more competitive. 

What can Paragon offer the technology industry?

Periodic financial payment solutions offered by Paragon can ease the upfront cost of any ‘entertainment’ product, technology or service.  This can be made available to the customer, manufacturer, supplier and systems integrator, providing immediate cash flow benefits as demand for more products continues. 

Are there any issues, such as Brexit, that could possibly impact the industry at this time?

The creative industry and its constituents seem to have been “Brexit proof”...the growth within this sector, within the UK Economy, continues to out-perform the UK Economy as a whole. 

What is your favourite way in which technology has been used by brands or businesses? I.e. LED screens at football games showing targeted ads based on location of viewers

This is my favourite! However, and more importantly, I am excited to understand how the entertainment industry will continue to move forward, adapt and provide the necessary solutions, products and services to make sure the customer, including you and I, continue to be entertained today and into the future.

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