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Buying a motorhome?


It was the very start of Autumn last year that saw a spike in interest on the web for the topic – interestingly, around four times as many searches than later on in the year, in the run up to Christmas.

That might be partly because this is when the nights are drawing in after the summer holidays and people’s thoughts are moving on to 'where next?'. And having the right leisure vehicle to help you get there will also be part of that equation.

For many Brits, the ‘where next’ has suddenly become closer to home with ‘staycations’ becoming increasingly popular. There have been lots of surveys of late showing this trend is growing and that nearly six out of every 10 of us are now taking their annual summer break in Britain.

You can understand why when we’ve had such a glorious summer and sights like the rugged coasts of Cornwall, the Causeway Coastal Route in Northern Ireland, the lochs of Scotland and the mountainous beauty of Wales rival beauty spots around the world.

It’s clear to us that people are falling back in love with road trips, so it’s no wonder that motorhomes, and motorcaravans too, are an attractive option for all ages. They offer people the chance to call the shots, have the freedom to journey near and far across this beautiful isle and beyond, and take their pets with them.

At Paragon, we have moved into financing motorhomes more and more through a network of dealers and brokers and it’s an interesting market that gives us the opportunity to use our skills as a specialist lender.

Having a motorhome is about the flexibility to travel the country with everything you need to hand and we offer flexible loans to help you achieve that. So, if you are looking to take the plunge in your first motorhome or are considering a new purchase, talk to your dealer or broker about motorhome finance and start planning that next big holiday. Happy travels!

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