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Make the most of your ISA allowance


Take advantage of this year’s ISA allowance of £20,000 before the end of the 2020/21 tax year on the 5 April 2021.

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ISA deadlines 2021


Documentation - 25 March 2021

If we’ve requested additional documentation from you, we needed to have received it by 25 March 2021 for your account to be opened. Any documentation we receive after this deadline, will not be processed in time to qualify for this tax year.

Application Deadline

Online application - 12pm 5 April 2021

Complete your application and fund your new cash ISA by 12pm 5 April 2021, if you want to take advantage of this year’s ISA allowance. You’ll receive an email if your application is successful.

Bank holiday payments - please note:

Payments received by 12pm 5 April 2021, may show up as funded on the 6 April 2021, due to the bank holiday. These will still count towards 2020/2021 subscription.

Funding your account

Funding your account - 12pm 5 April 2021

You can fund your account by electronic bank transfer or cheque. Please make sure your funds reach us by 12pm 5 April 2021, if you want to take advantage of this year’s ISA allowance.

Electronic bank transfer

Our sort code: 40-02-50 (This may show up as HSBC, we use them as a clearing bank only)

Our account number: 31344897

Payee: Paragon Bank PLC

Payment reference: Your Paragon account number or application reference number


Please make your cheque payable to:
“Paragon Bank Re your name and savings account number/application reference number.”

And send freepost to:
RTEX-LLUT-KKKE, Paragon, PO Box 850, Wallsend NE28 5BJ

Transferring your ISA

Transferring your ISA

If you want to transfer your existing ISA from another provider, please submit your request to make use of this year’s ISA allowance.

Transfer online

You can start an ISA transfer while opening a new cash ISA, simply give us the details of the ISAs you’d like to transfer during your application.

We’ll get in touch with your existing provider to request your ISA transfer, and confirm when it’s complete.

If you already have an ISA with us, and want to transfer an ISA from another provider, you can do this online or by post. Simply log in and click “transfer your ISA to Paragon” to begin your transfer online.

Transfer by post

Alternatively, download and complete a Cash ISA Transfer Form or Stocks & Shares ISA Transfer Form*.

Send to our freepost address and we'll confirm when your transfer has been completed.

Freepost to:
RTEX-LLUT-KKKE, Paragon, PO Box 850, Wallsend NE28 5BJ

To open a new Paragon Cash Lifetime ISA and transfer your existing LISA, you’ll need to click ‘Transfer LISA’ on the Cash Lifetime ISA page.

You’ll need to complete an online application which will open your new Paragon LISA and then complete and send us a LISA transfer form. If you already have a Paragon Cash Lifetime ISA, and want to transfer an existing LISA, you can complete and send a LISA Transfer Form to our freepost address.

*We don’t offer Stocks & Shares ISAs. Any Stocks & Share transfers from your provider will be transferred into your chosen cash ISA with us.

Current cash ISAs

Cash Lifetime

up to 0.50% AER*

To help you save for your first home or retirement.

Fixed Rate cash ISAs

up to 0.80% AER*

Tax-free return on your savings, with the certainty of knowing how much interest you’ll earn.

Access cash

up to 0.41% AER*

Flexibility with access and unlimited deposits, all with tax-free interest on your savings

Postal cash

up to 0.80% AER*

Tax free interest on your savings and you can apply for and manage your cash ISA by post.

ISA Wallet and Flexible ISAs

Piggybank icon

You deposit £10,000 into your ISA

Safe icon

Your ISA balance is £10,000

Your remaining unused ISA allowance is now £10,000

Coin icon

You withdraw £5,000 from your ISA

Safe icon

Your ISA balance is £5,000

Your remaining unused ISA allowance is now £15,000

Our ISA Wallet and Flexible ISAs work together to give you even more freedom with your annual ISA allowance.

If you withdraw from our Flexible ISAs, our ISA Wallet allows you to reinvest that money into another ISA with us.

Which means you’re not losing out on your tax-free ISA allowance.

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Be careful, early access to fixed rate or notice ISA funds is subject to penalty.

Confused about ISAs?​

Learn more about cash ISAs and find the right one for you.

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Best Cash ISA Provider – Winner
Savings Champion - 2021


Savings explained

Want to know more about cash ISAs? We’ve put some information together for you.



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