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Consistently good rates on our Easy Access ISAs

Research conducted by Savings Champion has revealed Paragon Bank has one of the most consistent rates for it’s Easy Access ISA.

Rates were compared from 3 November 2017 till 26 October 2018 to find out which providers were the most consistent with their rates. Paragon Bank came out as one of the top consistent rates for their Easy Access ISA with the highest rate offered of all providers during the period studied.

As well as our consistently good rates, here are some other reasons why an Easy Access ISA could be right for you…

No teaser rate – A Paragon Easy Access ISA has no introductory teaser rate or rates linked to a set amount of withdrawals, so you can enjoy a consistent rate with no hidden catches.

Easy Access Cash ISAs are tax-free long term – Putting your savings in an Easy Access ISA can help to safeguard against tax. Your personal savings allowance allows you to earn up to £1,000 tax free on your savings, bear in mind that if interest rates rise, the interest you earn is greater, which will cause you to reach the £1,000 threshold sooner.

Any interest that is earned from cash ISAs doesn’t count towards your £1,000 personal allowance, allowing you to make the most of both. There is also no guarantee on how long the personal savings allowance will be available, putting your savings in a cash ISA ensures that it keeps its tax-free status.

You don’t lose access to your savings - Many people choose not to save in an ISA to avoid locking their savings away, with an Easy Access ISA you have the flexibility to save at a consistent rate whilst having access to your money when you need it.

You can start with just £1 – You don’t need thousands to start saving in an Easy Access ISA, putting a small amount away each month is a great way to start achieving your savings goals.

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